2018 Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Tangle Free Earbud Covers

Tired of untangling your earbuds everytime you put them in your pocket? I know I was tired of dealing with tangle issues, in the past, I lost a few earbuds due to tangled wires and a little bit of impatience and frustration. Skooob earbud covers have done the trick now I don’t have to deal with tangled wires on my earbuds. The covers also work on headphone wires as well as phone charges and things of the sort.”With its small diameter, it installs on all headsets and chargers of smartphones, tablets Its spiral shape makes its installation simple. A box contains about 78 inches of Skooob”

Available at Skooob


Cupcake Surprise Series 3 Minis













Nothing better than a sweet treat that smells so good right! Well what if I say their is a surprise inside? Even better right! Give the gift of a sweet smelling cupcake that has a hidden surprise. The Cupcake Surprise Series has so much to offer. Between being able to transform from a cupcake to a Princess, or a Bride, is just one surprise.  With the 12 different styles and 6 different scents available to collect, strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon and caramel how can you go wrong!

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Wild Republic Stuffed Animals

Who let the animals out? Stuffed Safari, did that’s who! Walk the runway with your Stuffed Safari animal sporting a personalized t-shirt. That’s right, as if the choices weren’t hard enough. Clothing is now available for your fur baby. Not only does Stuffed Safari have animals galore…but you can choose from wild safari, just for baby, personalized and of course buying in bulk for special occasions is also available. The “Jumbo stuffed animals, tiny stuffed animals, and all sizes in between can be found  at Stuffed Safari; Pink plush, purple plush, blue plush, and almost any other color of stuffed animal you might need is just a short search away. Thousands of stuffed animals, hundreds of different species, one awesome website for all of your plush needs.”

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