5 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Health


I just love finding new uses for items I already have around the house.  If you take Apple Cider Vinegar, for instance, you are probably already using it for recipes or to clear up hiccups, but did you know there are 5 more ways to use it? 

Read below and then leave me a comment on what other ways you use Apple Cide vinegar! I look forward to hearing about them.

1. Improve Your Digestion
Mention some specific digestive issues people have and how apple cider vinegar can help. Encourage 1-2 tablespoons before a meal, with a glass of water.

2. Sunburn Remedy
Apple cider vinegar can be a natural sunburn remedy, similar to the effects of aloe. Add some vinegar to a lukewarm or cool bath and soak in it for at least 10 minutes.

3. Get Rid of Dandruff
It also helps with buildup and dandruff on the scalp. The hair can be rinsed with diluted apple vinegar.

4. Help With a Sore Throat
Mentioned in another blog post, but you can put a new spin on the information, really encouraging this as a natural remedy for a sore throat. It is one of the top uses for ACV for health.

5. Clear Up Your Complexion
Apple cider vinegar is often used for the skin, especially as a face wash to clear breakouts.
Add a short conclusion in your own words.

Do you currently use Apple Cider Vinegar for any of these ailments? Feel free to share with us what remedies you currently use at home.


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