3 Simple Summer Hairstyles



Summer hairstyles are great because when it’s heating up outside it’s a wonderful time to try something new. If you’ve had long hair for a long time maybe it’s time to cut it. Or – if you can’t part with your long locks, perhaps it is time to look lovely with new hairstyles such as incorporating braids or bouncy curls. There are many different ways you can make your hair look lovely – so why not be creative and embrace the summer? Here are some ideas that will get you excited to style your hair right away.

Blunt Bob –


If you do decide to part ways with your long hair, why not try something fun like a blunt bob? This style is beautiful because it is unique. Plus it’s easy to style since your layers are all different. Use a straightening iron to straighten different sections of your hair and you also can use the iron to flip out sections of your hair too. The entire look will look fun and will be a new look that’s just in time for the summer.

Fishtail Braids

Don’t feel like cutting your locks? Style your hair with a beautiful fishtail braid, which is basically an “upside down” braid. Many models and actresses have been sporting this trendy look and a lose braid looks best. Plus – this style is perfect to wear during the summer time. This style is great because it keeps the hair off your shoulders, but still creates a lovely look that’s ideal for the summer. Have fun with a fishtail braid and if you don’t know how to fishtail braid, why not head over to your hair stylist? He or she would probably have no problem showing you how to fishtail braid.

Crop it off!


Sometimes it is fun to go even shorter with your hairstyle. A cropped do will no doubt keep you nice and cool during the summer and will still frame your lovely face. Plus with this hairstyle, you can have fun with your makeup! Make your eyes pop out with bold and fierce blue eyeliner or add a beautiful blush from Tarte or another one of your favorite beauty brands. You’ll find yourself loving this shorter look and maybe it will be your new hair statement from here on out. If you do find yourself missing longer hair – never fear because there’s always hair extensions to come to the rescue!

Whatever you decide to do with your hair this summer – have fun with it! The summer time is a great time to rock something new, whether it be keeping your locks long or cropping them off and having some fun with a shorter do. Braids are very trendy but curls are fun too. Enjoy the nice weather and look your best while showing off some gorgeous hairstyles!


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  • December 15, 2023 at 1:09 am

    Change up your summer style with three simple and stylish hairstyles. Since it gets really hot in the summer go for a cool and practical high ponytail to stay comfortable. Beat the heat with these easy and chic looks that was nott take much effort but will keep you looking great all season long.

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