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On a recent Oprah show the style team from O Magazine took five women and transformed them into attractive and sexy looking goddesses. One important part of the makeover was their underwear. Lingerie expert Susan Nethero shared her list of five must-haves for every woman’s lingerie drawer. Take a look below to see what your lingerie drawer is missing.

5 lingerie must-haves

1. Date night bra

This is a bra that makes you feel pretty when you go out in the evening. Pick a color other than nude – like red or black, to feel extra sexy.

2. Demi cup or cleavage showing bra

A demi cup bra has cups that cover less of your upper breast tissue. This allows you to wear lower necklines. One version of this bra is a plunger bras with the center panel cut very low so that you can wear lower v-necks or be able to keep one more button unbuttoned.

3. Strapless bra

With today’s variety of unusual necklines, a strapless bra sometimes seems like the only choice if you want to wear a bra, or need that extra support.

4. Elegant camisole

An elegant camisole is a great solution as a layer under jackets and sweaters. And, there are great support camisoles that not only look pretty, but give you the added smoothing benefits.

5. Matching bra and panty set

According to Oprah and her stylists, women who wear a matching bra and panty set feel more confident when they walk and talk – even if no one other than themselves knows they have it on.

Nethero selected the Mary Jo Avero plunge convertible bra as her preferred date bra. It’s pretty, has fabulous detailing, a low center and convertible straps. However, women come in many shapes and sizes and one brand or style of bra is not going to fit all body types. Eight out of 10 women wear the wrong size or style of bra. A petite woman and a plus size woman need a different style of bra.


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