6 Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit With Jewelry

Jewelry can help augment any wardrobe.  The trick is pairing the right piece, or combination of pieces, with the right outfit and occasion. Moissanite jewelry adds an extra sparkle to any ensemble. Here are 6 tips for accessorizing an outfit with jewelry.

Every piece must contribute to the overall look

It can be tempting to embellish an outfit with multiple pieces of jewelry.  Don’t give in and commit a fashion faux pas. Wearing several pieces of jewelry can certainly be fine, but each piece needs to add something different to the ensemble.  Don’t wear it out of sentiment or indifference. At the same time, don’t be too conservative and reluctant to accessorize.

Be balanced and proportional

A piece of jewelry should not draw attention away from the person wearing it. Any clothing or accessories should complement the wearer not lose them in the process.  Pieces that are out of proportion and just don’t look right can be a distraction. The goal is not to distract people with your accessories.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

A piece of statement jewelry can add some extra dazzle to any outfit. Chandelier moissanite earrings can draw attention to one’s face.  They can also be a great accessory for a strapless gown.  Wearing bold earrings and a statement necklace should be avoided as it probably would create an overpowering look around the face.  A statement bracelet or bangles can be great with sleeveless dresses. They also work well with big earrings. When you want to wear a bold necklace, it is usually better to pick smaller earrings such as moissanite studs.

Choose complimentary pieces

Pick pieces that compliment your outfit and skin tone. Watch out for a favorite piece of jewelry that may clash with the color of a favorite outfit.  Just like clothes, different colors of jewelry are more flattering against certain skin types.  Be aware of your skin tone when shopping for jewelry.   

Be appropriate

Contemporary fashion is much more flexible than in days past, but there are still ground rules. A particularly piece of flashy jewelry may simply be inappropriate in certain settings such as the office.  It is okay to mix and match jewelry and clothing styles, just be sure the end result works. Try some different looks and use your common sense of style. When in doubt, ask friends and family members for their opinion.

Versatility is important

One of the main benefits of jewelry is that in can give an outfit an added dimension.  A piece of jewelry that enhances multiple outfits is the best investment. A matching necklace and earring set does not provide many new options because it is not contributing anything new to your look.

Jewelry is one of the best accessories available. It comes in many forms, colors and designs. The best jewelry pieces complement the overall appeal of an ensemble. They should be appropriately balanced and proportional. Pieces that enhance an outfit and skin tone are highly desirable. Keep your choices appropriate to the look and occasion. Search for versatile pieces that will work with many outfits.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and wear statement pieces.


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