Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

For many women, makeup is an important part of everyday life. Whether it’s being worn to work or on a romantic evening out, you want to look your best. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the millions of women who are prone to dry skin, finding the right products can be difficult. It’s important to choose makeup that is comfortable and flatters your natural features, but also doesn’t contribute to or exacerbates dryness. To help you get the most out of your beauty regimen, here are some makeup tips for dry skin. First, start your day out with a healthy breakfast. It’s as important and anything else you do in your day.


For women with dry skin problems, it’s important to moisturize your face before you start applying makeup. By doing this, you provide your skin with the hydration that it needs to remain smooth, supple and youthful. Furthermore, applying a quality moisturizer formulated specifically for dry skin can help prevent your makeup from leaching additional moisture from your face. Ideally, dry skin sufferers should avoid products that contain alcohol and harsh chemicals as these typically promote irritation and can cause itching and flaking. Instead, look for a product containing natural ingredients that nourish the skin and help facilitate repair.

Avoid Harsh Astringents

Many women use facial toners prior to applying their makeup, but some of these products can worsen dry skin and cause redness and burning. Most of them contain ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, and artificial colors that can damage skin cells and promote dermatological disorders. If you want to use a toner, then it’s recommended to select one that is designed for use on dry skin. Many of these contain natural substances that are particularly soothing to the skin, such as cucumber or aloe vera extract.

Take Care of Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is especially delicate. When you have dry skin, this already sensitive area is made even more vulnerable to the effects of aging and stress. While taking care of your skin by avoiding harsh products can go a long way toward preserving your youthful appearance, that’s not all you can do. The addition of a nourishing eye serum can help to further prevent the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. It’s also a great way to help diminish the appearance of under-eye circles.

Choose Products With UV Protection

The sun’s UV rays are one of the biggest threats to your skin’s health and vitality. For women with dry skin, the damage is often two-fold. Dry skin is made even drier when it’s under assault by the sun. People with dry skin may also be more susceptible to sunburn. Even at low levels, this can age dry skin mercilessly. It’s essential to protect dry skin’s integrity by using a foundation that offers a UV protection factor of ten or higher.

Go Natural

When you remove your makeup, do you scrub it away with a bar of soap that makes your face tight and itchy? Perhaps you, like so many others, use a drugstore liquid cleanser that burns and turns your skin red. While both of these methods seem like convenient ways to take off makeup, they’re terrible for women with dry skin. If convenience is what you’re after, there are many all-natural makeup removal wipes that are even more convenient, and they won’t dry or irritate your skin.

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