4 Tips For Becoming A Great Wine Connoisseur

Every alcoholic beverage has a distinct taste and kick. But nothing beats the rich and classy taste and experience of wine. Enjoyed by people with tastebuds for the more extraordinary things in life, wine can be compared to ambrosia, the food and drink of the gods. 

You need to learn several skills first if you’re thinking about learning how to critique wine like a trained individual. Once you do, you can enjoy the different varieties of wine all over the world, and even rate them for yourself.


  • Develop the Expert Taste Buds of a Connoisseur


The experts of the wine-tasting world initially have underdeveloped taste buds. They have learned to evolve those taste buds by subjecting them to real stimuli – wine tasting. To be a great wine connoisseur, you need to create an expert taste for wine. You can do so by practicing tasting at least five different variatals, such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Grigio, or Shiraz.

Once you get the hang of it, your tongue will quickly recognize the distinct taste patterns each wine has, and even differentiate the dry from the off-dry, sweet, or fruity. 


  • Make Comparative Analyses Between Different Wine’s Properties


Are you done developing the tongue of a wine connoisseur? Great! Now, test the accuracy and precision of your smelling and tasting abilities by subtle discerning distinctions between wines. 

Start by choosing the wines that you love the most. Pour the wine in a glass, and then casually move it in a circular motion. This method’s purpose is to release the fragrances stuck inside the wine. Once done, close your eyes and smell the aroma to identify specific wines.

Once you’ve mastered detecting distinctions by smelling, you can now mix and match wines in your tasting flight, to enhance your comparative abilities by involving the sense of taste.


  • Read As Much As You Can About Wines and Connoisseuring 


Just like in school, absorbing knowledge about the types of grapes and any other valuable information through reading and studying gives you better perspectives and understanding of the different qualities of wine worldwide. By doing this, you also gain an appreciation for the art of winemaking.


  • Take Higher Risks for Higher Possible Rewards


Add more wines to your “taste cellar.” Step out of your comfort zone and add variety to your wine tasting collection. From expensive high-end wines to supermarket sale wines, expand your horizon by adding more flavors to your taste buds.

Once you’ve trained yourself to be a great wine connoisseur, you can start experimenting by mixing them with food. You can even be a sommelier thanks to your efforts to hone your expert wine tasting and becoming a great wine connoisseur.

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