The Three Best Coffee Makers for Your Cafeteria

Coffee lovers swear by the power that a strong cup of coffee has! There’s nothing better than your favorite latte or espresso to get back to after a day’s hard work. That’s not all. On a winter evening, a cup for flat white coffee can be the beverage that keeps you warm as you read your best book. Are you planning to give shape to your cafeteria soon? If yes, then other than the best decor, cafeteria furniture and equipment, you need to invest in good quality coffee makers.

Today, there are several cafeteria equipment and devices service providers online to select from. You can browse through Café Solutions Melbourne and know more on the cafeteria equipment you require. However, concerning the coffee machines or makers, here are three best types that you can opt-in for.

  1. Percolator

Percolator is one of the widely used coffee makers during the 19th century. However, the device is still in use. The modern-day percolators get customized based on your convenience and safety. This coffee maker can prepare as many as four to twelve cups of coffee. Manufacturers use aluminium to make this device.  However, today you also have stainless steel and copper variants available. The coffee maker comes with two divisions. One get filled with water, and the other has coffee coarsely grounded. You will require a source of heat where you can plug in the device and start the coffee brewing process.

  1. French Press

Your cafeteria will have people who love their coffee super strong made within a short period. The French Press is easy to acquire coffee that tastes good. The device is compact and sleek and takes about five minutes to complete brewing the coffee. As you use it, you can locate a minimal residue that stays on. It is because the device doesn’t use a paper filter. The French Press coffee maker gives you dark coffee that tastes strong and good. It is perfect for the coffee lovers who want their coffee strong like their personas.

  1. Drip coffee maker

Today, the majority of coffee makers use this coffee machine in their cafeteria. As a widely used coffee maker, the drip coffee maker is rather simple to use. If your cafeteria wants to cater to customers that prefer filter coffee, this machine is what you need to invest and install. This method of brewing coffee generated way back in 1954 in Germany and got widely used across most cafeterias and espresso stands in the USA. This device comprises two kinds of paper filter that gets changed each time you brew coffee. And only the plastic or metal filter should get cleaned. There are many reasons why most cafeterias opt-in for paper filters. The filter helps to soak in all the extracted oil that further adds to the taste of the coffee. It is not possible with a metal filter.

Today, you can select from a mix of espresso and thermal coffee maker and choose the one that caters to your requirement and budget capacity.  But when you are starting and have a limited business budget, you can select from the coffee makers discussed above and add on as your business expands and you make profits.

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    When it comes to running a cafeteria, having reliable and efficient coffee makers is crucial. A well-brewed cup of coffee can make a significant impact on your customers’ satisfaction.
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