Don’t miss out on these top three New Orleans tourist attractions

Do you wish to explore one of the unique cities in America? If yes, the head to New Orleans today! The vibe that you get in this city is unmatched. The city is famous for its Cajun cuisine, jazz music, and the popular Mardi Grass celebrations. That aside, the city is a blend of various cultures. If you love food, music, architecture, and language, this is the best city that you can explore.

Once you are in this city, you’ll notice that the majority of tourist activities are generally centered closed to French Quarter. The famous Bourbon Street is a place that you must visit. Additionally, as you pass the Mississippi River, that fringes the French Quarter towards south you will come across the scenic horse-drawn carriages waiting to take you on tour. And if you have a penchant for horses, you can also check out the race courses and races, such as Evangeline Downs, that New Orleans is famous for. However, as you are planning your visit, make sure to visit the following three destinations.

  1. The French Quarter

Most tourists come to New Orleans to visit this part of the city! Located alongside the Mississippi River, the principal attraction of this place is architecture. But visitors also love this place for its excellent choices in entertainment and fine dining. You will come across ancient buildings that are of 300 years and are reminiscent of the French influence and culture. That aside, other attractions comprise of the scenic courtyards, red-tiled roofs, the wrought iron balconies and many more. You can break in for lunch or dinner at the impressive restaurants. Also, make it a point to shop from the favorite souvenir shops.

  1. Mardi Gras

It is the signature event of New Orleans. The Mardi Gras celebrations span for close two-weeks. It ends on Tuesday, which comes before Ash Wednesday. Once you visit, you will find all types of festivities and entertainment that forms a part of the celebrations. You will see that several onlookers arrive at the sidewalks and balconies to have a glimpse of the parades. Also, they love to catch the strings of the necklaces that get tosses from the beautiful floats. One of the favorite places where people gather is Bourbon Street. But in general, the entire French Quarter is very crowded. It’s the French settlers who had introduced this concept by the end of 19th century. Time your New Orleans visit according to the Mardi Gras celebrations.

  1. Preservation Hall

If you want to catch a glimpse of New Orleans’s past, head to the Preservation Hall. It is an ancient, humble but impressive building which has got associated with jazz music. This old hall showcases traditional jazz music performed by famous local artists. The Preservation Hall is small that gives it an intimate ambiance. Since the seating is restricted, you will have to book your seats in advance. The events and the opening times for the same are mentioned on the door of the hall, for people to see and decide which show they want to attend.

New Orleans is perfect for travelers who have a penchant for the creative arts. If you resonate with that, make sure to add these three destinations when you are visiting New Orleans and explore each, with ample time at hand.



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