3 Essential Tips to Keep your Children’s Heart Healthy

As the rate of heart disease is increasing day in and out due to the hectic lifestyle and unhealthy food habits of the modern men and women, it is important for parents to nurture their children in a way to help them keep heart diseases at bay. Here are some tips.

  1. Protect the young athletes with pre-sport screenings

There is a lot of news coming up like the sudden death of a young athlete on the field due to undetected cardiovascular disease. A seemingly healthy youngster may have some underlying cardiovascular conditions, which sometimes may go undetected without any external symptoms.

It is essential for the aspiring student-athletes and their parents to work hand-in-hand with the coaches and physicians to identify any potential risks or red alerts before every sports season. American Heart Association recommends young athletes to be screened with a 12-point checklist for heart health, especially if the family and personal medical history has adversities.

  1. Maintain them on a heart-healthy diet

As you know, elevated cholesterol is a major risk factor in heart disease, but getting your child sifts through all the recommendations and information may be an overwhelming affair. The first thing you need to work on is to teach heart-healthy food habits to your children. Teach them how to read the nutrition label to make informed decisions like:

  • Know your cholesterols – Kids should know that egg yolks, meat, and dairy products contain cholesterol. LDL is called as bad cholesterol and HDL is good cholesterol.
  • Limit saturated fat over unsaturated – Saturated fats are more in dairy products and meat. Coconut and palm oil also have these fats. Saturated fats may also increase LDL, so restrict them in kid diets. Unsaturated fats can increase the HDL cholesterol so try to use them in plenty. Unsaturated fats are there in items like avocados, nuts, olive oil, and canola, etc.
  • Make it fiber-rich – PharmaQuotes points that fiber is an essential heart-healthy component to be added to kids’ diets. Soluble fibers can bind the LDL cholesterol and help to remove it from the body. Try to add more oats, lentils, and beans to the kid’s diet.
  1. Keep them active

Encourage them to engage in activities which help to raise the heart rate a bit. Children naturally tend to play, so your role is just to provide them with opportunities. Being active will help them strengthen hearts and muscles and have a proportionate growth. Here are some options to keep your kids active:

  • Get outdoors as and when possible and be your kid’s playmate.
  • Teach them new games from the early ages itself and try to get them enthusiastic about the common sports and encourage to get involved.
  • Also have a list of indoor activities too like tossing a ball, dancing, or any from the number of indoor games you can plan of.

Along with these, you have to make them aware of the negative impacts of tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, etc. It is good to take to them about various health issues and how to live a healthy and happier life with proper maintenance of their body and mind.


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    A seemingly healthy youngster may have some underlying cardiovascular conditions, which sometimes may go undetected without any external symptoms.heavy blanket


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