Tips on How to Select the Perfect Vacuum for Your Country Home

One of the best ways to keep your home fun to live in is to be as clean as possible. Apart from washing your clothes and ensuring that the house is neatly arranged, you need to buy a good vacuum to take care of your floors.

Apart from wiping above-floor surfaces you can go a step further and use a vacuum to suck up dust and other dirt. A good vacuum cleaner will have a few accessories to help with this. Alternatively, you can acquire one that is easy to convert into a hand vac.

The fact that so many people have and continue to put their trust in vacuum cleaners only goes to show how vital they are. But how do you decide which one to purchase among tens of options? Let’s take a look below.

How to Select the Right Vacuum for Your Home

Instead of blindly making a purchase, it’s good to know what things to consider. This way, you’ll avoid unwanted regrets. These are six points to keep in mind when looking for a vacuum cleaner:

Consider the brand

The truth of the matter is that there are so many brands out there. There are many household brands such as Dysons, Hoovers, and Sharks. However, other alternatives offer lower prices for similar if not better performance.

So, do not expect the best Shark vacuum to be cheaper than other unknown brands. Newcomers in the market include MOOSOO which has developed some interesting corded and cordless stick vacuums.

We advise that you go for the common brands because their reputation precedes them. While they may be more expensive than the little known brands, their efficiency in picking up all manner of dirt has been tested and proven over the years.

Do you have carpets and rugs?

Most vacuums are perfect for bare floors. However, if you have carpets and area rugs, you need to be keener when selecting the right vacuum for your house. A vacuum that has a bristle brush will help to dislodge even the most stubborn dirt from carpets. So, it will be ideal for the deep-cleaning that is necessary every so often.

On the other hand, if you have polished or vinyl flooring, ensure that the vacuum of your choice has a brushroll shut-off option. This will prevent it from leaving scratches all over the floor. Some Shark vacuums have two brushrolls (bristle and soft). The soft brush ensures that bare floors are left spotless and sparkling clean.

If you have vinyl flooring, consider getting one of the vinyl floor vacuums. These units are designed to help you avoid the nightmare of having to replace your floors when you really don’t have to.

Pet and human hair

Pets are the main culprits when it comes to leaving hair strewn all over the house. We also shed hair. So, consider getting a vacuum that is powerful enough to get rid of pet hair.

Also, look out for one that has an anti-hair wrap feature. Most vacuums’ brushrolls get tangled up with hair and you have to pull it out with your hands almost every time you vacuum. A tangle-free vacuum will make vacuuming stress-free.

Do you suffer from allergies?

If you struggle with allergies and/or asthma, I can bet that you have an air purifier. Or you live in a generally clean neighborhood. Apart from investing in a good air cleaner, a good vacuum can add another layer of protection.

What you should be looking out for is a vacuum that is completely sealed or has HEPA-standard filtration. You see, HEPA filters are known to capture up to 99.97% of allergens inside the vacuum. Therefore, your indoor air remains clean and fresh – free of dust, pollen, and other pollutants.

Vacuum type

Now, each type of vacuum has its advantages and disadvantages. Stick vacuums are usually compact and light. So, they are ideal for petite people and seniors. Upright vacuums, on the other hand, are more powerful but are typically bulkier and heavier.

For quick cleanups, handheld vacuums are the best. If you have carpets and hard floors, a good robot vacuum can get the job done for you while you tend to other chores. Or even when you’re not at home.

Another classification of vacuums is whether they are bagged or bagless. Bagless vacuums are easy and cheaper to maintain. Besides, you can clearly see how full the dust cup is so that you can empty on time.

On the other hand, bagged vacuums are generally better at keeping allergens at bay due to mess-free emptying. However, they can be expensive to maintain because you have to buy replacement bags. Besides, it may be hard to monitor the dirt level if your unit lacks a full-bag indicator.

Does it have the right accessories?

A vacuum is not complete if it can only clean the floor. Above-floor surfaces such as upholstery, shelves, drapes, walls, window-sills, fans, and stairs also need attention. Of course, you’ll not struggle to lift your vacuum and push it up the wall. How awkward would that be?

That’s where vacuum attachments come in. Many tools can be used for this purpose, but at the bare minimum, expect a crevice tool and a dusting brush. A pet motorized tool will be a huge plus.

With these accessories, you will be able to track and pick up dust, dirt, and debris in every nook and cranny in your house.


Country living can be fun – if you have all the necessary home appliances. And a good vacuum is certainly one of the most important products to own. While you may have to part with a good amount to get the best vacuums from top brands such as Shark, there are tons of other options.

You can even buy a refurbished vacuum to save some cash. Alternatively, you can go for the upcoming brands which can surprise you with their power despite the modest pricing.

Before you settle on a particular unit, take note of the points in this article and ensure that it checks all the boxes.

For example, getting a vacuum without brushroll shut-off may damage your polished floors, leaving them ugly. Also, you may have to replace the flooring, which is an unnecessary expenditure that could have been avoided.

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