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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. With all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, and those precious wedding photos which will be pulled out time and time again for the rest of your life, you need to make sure you look the way you feel your best before you say your vows. Some things can only be done on the morning, but there are lots of things you can do in advance of arriving at your wedding venue to give yourself the bridal glow you deserve.


Facials help to draw out the impurities in skin and exfoliate away dead skin cells which can leave your skin looking dull. To transform into a healthy, blushing bride, book yourself in for a facial a couple of weeks before your wedding. They can leave your skin a little red and blotchy for a couple of days, but this will settle down before the big day.

Manicure/ pedicure

Perfectly polished nails are essential for a bride to look neat and glamorous. You shouldn’t need anything too bright or in your face – this isn’t the time to start experimenting with wild nail art or gemstones. A subtle French manicure or a neutral varnish should be all you need, along with some light shaping to get your hands ring-ready.

Body wrap

A body wrap can be a brilliant way to draw the toxins out of the skin, leaving it flawless, soft and smooth. Aromatherapy oils, clays or body masks will be held on your skin and heated to body temperature by large wraps which will help the concoction soak in.

Spray tan

Now, of course you won’t want to be an orange bride. But for some women, a golden glow can be the perfect thing to set off your pristine white dress. Subtlety is key here: you can always apply more if you need it, but you don’t want to be spending the days before your wedding desperately scrubbing off the tangerine hue. A spray tan can take a day or two to fade into something a little more natural, so don’t get it done too close to your wedding day.


Not strictly a beauty treatment, but organising a wedding is a stressful time for a bride. While you might not see the effects of a massage on the outside, the fact you’re rested and relaxed will make you look even more beautiful. Relaxing your muscles might also help improve your posture, so you’ll look graceful and elegant in all your wedding photos.

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