Cruising Around the Atlantic Ocean

Picture this: you’re sailing across the ocean on an impeccably designed cruise ship, soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying your days spent on warm, sandy beaches. Sounds pretty heavenly, doesn’t it? A cruise across the Atlantic ocean is the perfect family getaway for some rest and relaxation.

However, not every cruise is created equally, so here are a few helpful tips to find the best deals that will make your vacation a true pleasure cruise.

Location matters

Location factors into your overall cruise price pretty significantly, both in terms of your destinations and your position on the ship. For example, if you select an interior cabin on a West Palm beach sunset cruise, you’re likely going to spend far less than you would on a cross-Atlantic European excursion. The higher up in the ship you are, the higher the price will be as well.

Exterior cabins are at a premium, as are special rooms with decks and balconies. If you’re simply looking to get away and don’t intend to spend much time in your room, an interior cabin is a way to go. Conversely, if you intend to lounge about, order room service, and look out your balcony door to see the ocean, you need to be prepared to spend much more on your room.

The length of your cruise

If you’re traveling internationally or doing a tour of the Caribbean, chances are that a few hours at each port won’t suffice. You’ll want an extended trip to make sure you’re able to take advantage of every location you visit. Most cruises are at least a few days long (although some are only day trips) but you have to keep in mind that much of that time is spent on the water. Ship travel takes much more time than planes do, so while a five-day cruise might seem extensive, a good portion of that cruise is spent in transit.

If you’re doing an international trip, keep in mind that anything under a week will likely leave you with little time to truly experience your destination. Your best bet is to select a cruise that does overnights at certain ports so you’re able to enjoy more time off of the ship. While that means that certain days will be spent exclusively on the water, you have more free time on your non-travel days.

Amenities are important too

This is where many cruise lines differ. While every cruise offers some form of meal plan, there’s a difference between a meager buffet and an elevated dining experience. Also, some ships merely travel vessels while others are host to onboard casinos, swimming pools, and promenades filled with shops and dining options. You need to ask yourself which amenities are important to you before you commit to any travel package. If the cruise hits your ideal destination but doesn’t offer much in the way of activities on your travel days, it might not be the most exciting vacation.

The amenities play a large factor in your overall price as well. Depending on the package you select, some amenities will be a la carte which means added fees. Other cruises are all-inclusive, which means you need to be ready to take advantage of all the freebies they offer. If certain amenities are calling your name, come prepared to shell out a bit of extra cash so you can experience them properly.

A relaxing getaway

Cruises are the perfect way to get out on the water and tour the beauty of the ocean. The prices vary in terms of what you end up getting from the experience, but so long as you’re enjoying your time spent sailing, you’re making the most of your getaway. So kick back, relax, and get ready for a peaceful trip across the ocean.

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