Facial Hair Removal Tips for Women

Life can get pretty hectic for a woman with a career, but a mom with a career takes hectic to a whole new level. After picking the kids up from soccer, making dinner, packing lunches, helping with homework, and getting clothes ready for the next school and workday, who has the energy or the time for a complicated beauty regimen? Working moms take heart; here are 5 quick tips for facial hair removal and a glowing vibrant look.

Take A Nighttime Aromatherapy Shower To Help You Sleep

Taking a shower at night allows you to enjoy it, rather than make it one more thing to do in the morning. Choose a relaxing aromatherapy shower gel in a scent like lavender or chamomile to help drain away the stresses of the day and get you in a relaxed frame of mind before bed. Go a step further and spritz your pillow with Roman Chamomile, Lavender, or Clary Sage essential oils. If that’s too much, put one of them on a cotton ball and set next to your bed. A nighttime shower will prepare you for a great night’s sleep, which is essential to glowing skin.

Use A Simple All-in-one Cleanser And Exfoliator To Prepare Your Facial Skin

There are a number of cleansers that multi-task; taking unnecessary steps out of your beauty routine. By choosing a product that is both cleanser and gentle exfoliator that you can use every day, you eliminate having to devise a complicated schedule of exfoliation that allows moisturizers to penetrate your facial skin. Keep one in the shower and you’ve eliminated another step. Before you begin any facial hair removal, you’ll want to make sure the skin on your face is clean and exfoliated for the best possible results. You will not need to remove facial hair every day, but by following this simple process of using an all-in-one cleanser in your nighttime aromatherapy shower, you’ll be ready whenever the need strikes you.

Use The R.E.M Spring Hair Removal Tool For Quick And Easy Facial Hair Removal

Why mess with messy and time-consuming hair wax products when you can use an at home hair removal system that is quick and easy? All you need is the single R.E.M Spring Hair Removal Tool and a little Hair-Nix gel for follow-up. You take the spring hair removal tool and bend it into a U-shape. While twisting the ends, gently glide the tool back and forth over the area where you want to remove hair. You can use it on your upper and lower lip, chin, cheeks, nose, and neck; it’s that versatile. Removing facial hair just got a whole lot easier and quicker too. Just a few minutes after your shower, and your face will be soft, smooth, and glowing. Smooth in a few drops of Hair-Nix over the treated area to discourage future hair growth and you’re finished.

Ensure Essential Nutrients Are In Your Diet For Healthy Skin

You’ve learned some quick and simple tips to make your face shine, now it is important to eat a diet rich in nutrients to support that healthy glow. Eat foods high in silica to maintain skin’s elasticity. Vitamins, A, C, and E help repair skin damaged by pollution and sun. Omega-3 fatty acids will help skin stay young and smooth. Selenium aids tissue elasticity, and zinc helps to control acne. It’s best to find these in nutrient rich foods rather than supplements.

Career moms can keep beauty simple. Taking an aromatherapy shower that aids in reducing stress and improving sleep, using an all-in-one cleanser exfoliator and a hypoallergenic R.E.M Spring hair removal tool, and adding essential nutrients to your daily diet will bring out the natural beauty in you. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to have naturally beautiful skin; you just have to have the right tools.

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