Home Workouts to Eliminate Baby Weight


One of the things many new moms dread doing is trying to lose their baby weight. Some women gain more weight than others. If you were quite active and fit before you became a mom and you tried to keep fit throughout your pregnancy by walking a lot and eating healthily then you may not have gained too much weight. However, some women really do give into their cravings or over eat claiming they are eating for two, which doctors say you should not do.

Of course, when you’re at 8 months, there’s not much you can do apart from lay on the sofa, watch Tv, play games and take it easy. If during your last month of pregnancy you became a bit of an expert at online games like solitaire, chess or bingo at Foxybingo.com, but now you’re keen to get back into your skinny jeans and lose some baby weight then you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few simple and easy home workouts you can do.

Use the stairs

You can get your heart racing pretty quickly by running up and down the stairs. Not only does it work your cardiovascular system but it is also an excellent workout for your legs. If you’ve used the stair machine at the gym then you’ll already be pretty good at this exercise.

Do workout DVDs

You could invite your friends around and do a workout DVD together. Alternately, if you have an Xbox, get yourself the Wii Fit or Zumba game to keep yourself active and healthy.

Lift weights

You could get yourself a set of small weights and do a few reps along to your favorite music. This will help to tone, slim and strengthen your arms. If you don’t have any weights, then use items like bottles of water or tins of beans.


You can slim down your tummy by getting yourself a powerhoop. These weighted, padded hula hoops help to slim down your waist, tone your tummy and improve your posture.


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