How Single Women Can Manage Money and Stay Away from Debt

According to, men could pay off 44% of their loans in comparison to women. An advantage of being with someone is that you can easily share your financial load with that person. It has been observed that a number of single women go into debt as they are not able to make both ends meet. It becomes a huge responsibility to tackle all the financial goals on your own. Single women find it difficult to manage their budget and plan anything for their future, without getting any advice. When you are completely alone, you are the only person who is responsible for handling the finances. This is why it is crucial that you handle all the finances carefully for making wise decisions. It is believed that single women can be great money stewards. If you are someone who is all alone, given below is a list of all the tips that will assist you to keep the finances on a proper track.

Embrace the budget of your single life

It is a common saying that diamonds are undoubtedly the best friends of a girl, but if you are a single woman, you need to plan extremely carefully before you squander money here and there. In the case of single women, a budget is an ideal companion in place of costly diamonds. The budget is nothing but a simple plan, written on a piece of paper, which will allow you to spend your money in a wise manner. A proper budget also allows you to have a track of where you are spending your money. Ensure that you are capable of accounting for each dollar that you spend, whether it is for housing or for any occasion of a splurge.

If you have not planned a budget at any point in your life, keeping a track on how you spend money regularly is the best place for starting. This is going to be true especially when you feel like you are not capable of saving money at the end of each month. Understanding the spending habits is one of the best eye-opening experiences, and it also provides you with the starting point, so that you can trim all the monthly expenses.

Prioritizing savings

When you have a single source of income on which you are dependent, it is crucial to have emergency funds in a proper place. All the added money that you are capable of saving in your emergency fund can be extremely helpful if you are not able to work for a long time due to an illness or injury. When you are deciding on the amount that you should be saving every month, you should understand that the expenses worth of 7 months should be saved. However, you always have the option of buffering on the basis of the needs that you have.

It is not an easy task to build the emergency fund as it takes a good amount of time, and hence it is important that you save money as soon as possible. Even if you put only a small amount into your savings account, you can be assured that you are going in the right direction. You should also take closer looks as to how you are spending the money, and you will be able to discover things, which are not required at all. This money can be directed towards the savings.

Protecting the credit

Buying a home or a new car as a single woman is not exactly impossible, but it is not an easy task as well. You need to maintain a proper credit score so that you can get approval for buying a vehicle or your own home. If you have debts on your credit cards, clearing them is the best way for giving the scores a boost. All your bills should also be paid on time, because a single late payment may be responsible for a negative effect on your score. To gain a better knowledge regarding how you can get rid of all your debts and increase your credit score, you can go through the national debt programs.

Being realistic regarding retirement

Aside from being able to save money for the difficult times, it is necessary that the single women think about their retirement as well. When the golden years start fading away, it is obvious that you can start thinking then, but chances are that you might end up having no money at that particular time. It is your duty to develop solid retirement strategies, which include the savings options as well as the amount that you have to spend every month for all the expenses that you require.

A number of women are eligible for the retirement plans through their employer. In this case, it is perfect to contribute a certain amount that will be required for getting the organization match. Single women prefer holding the part-time jobs that normally do not offer the retirement plans. This is why most women interrupt their careers for a number of other commitments. This is why single women need to invest more for themselves in comparison to men.

Do not miss out insurance

Life insurance has been designed for providing financial security to the dependent when a person dies. However, just because you are single does not mean that you do not need insurance. If you are drowning in debt, responsible for your parents or you want to save money for some other reasons, life insurance is going to cover you. Keep in mind that with your age, insurance also starts increasing. Therefore, you should be thinking about life insurance right from an early age.


Carving the perfect path of financial freedom for the single women has numerous challenges but it is definitely achievable, especially if you have a proper plan. If you keep all the tips that have been mentioned above in mind, you will be able to progress towards both the short as well as long-term goals.


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