Magicube People Mix n Match Fun!

Having our kids play and be creative is so important. It helps them form part of their individuality and excitement in things they create. Geomag helps bring even more creativity with Magicube People

Taking something as simple as a cube to build with and making it better. That is what Magicube People is! Each side of the cube is magnetic which makes it easier to build in any direction easily. There are images of people and animals on the blocks. Your little one can match up the images perfectly or mix them all up and make something unique. 

As a parent, you can join in the fun and give them unique names and stories. Enjoy the magic and see their mines grow in a creative way. I am always encouraging my children to be creative however they like. With Magicube People the possibilities are endless with their creativity. 

They can build in every way and enjoy all that these unique cubes have to offer. The images on each cube are incredibly cute. Let your kids design an astronaut eagle athlete! Your kids can have solo fun or fun with others. Build and enjoy a great time together with Magicube People! 


Mother of two beautiful daughters that keep her busy. She also has an eclectic home full of animals. Currently has 2 dogs Trixie (13 yrs old) a terrier mix and Willow (3) an Alaskan Malamute. There are currently 3 cats that own her Cali (16), Catniss EverPurr (4), and Fizzgig a kitten who is the biggest dictator of all. Last, but certainly not least, Morton a chinchilla (10). Wren enjoys home improvement projects and is always doing something on the fly if it is repainting all her cabinets or ripping out the carpets, she enjoys the challenge and loves improving her home. Most people on the internet know her as Leotastic or Leo for short. She streams video games on Twitch and/or Mixer and truly enjoys the community there. In her free time, she plays Dungeons and Dragons with her friends or goes out and sings terrible karaoke.

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